Updating an Existing List to the 1.2 Templates

What really needs to change?

When you update an existing list to the 1.2 templates, the major change is in the ListSTAR Prefs file. For the most part, you still want to use the same digest file, table of contents file, help file, and address lists.

What information will be lost?

Any changes you have made the rules of the list will be lost when you update to the templates. This includes text entered in the text edit fields of the rules.

The current digest, table of contents, activity log, help file, and address lists are preserved.

If you have customized your rules in many areas, you may decide not to update to the new templates. You can still use the ListSTAR 1.2 application.

Step by Step

To update an existing list (now referred to as "Old List"), take the following steps:

  1. Back up your ListSTAR Server.
  2. If you haven't already, read about importing templates.
  3. Launch the ListSTAR Server.
  4. Run the "Rename Address Lists" script from the Scripts menu.
  5. Install the template appropriate for the list you are updating. Enter the correct information for the list into the configuration dialogs.
  6. Quit the ListSTAR Server.
  7. All important files are located in the service's public address folder within the main ListSTAR "Services" folder. Copy the following files from the service folder of the Old List to the service folder of the New List, replacing files with the same name. Make sure to copy the files (hold down the option key when dragging them from one folder to another).

    Files to Copy

  8. "Mailing List Help"
  9. "Activity Log"
  10. "Mailing List Reflect.rfc"
  11. "Mailing List Digest" (where appropriate)
  12. "Mailing List Digest TOC" (where appropriate)
  13. "Files Available for Retrieval" (where appropriate)
  14. Any other files you created manually
  15. In the address lists folder (located at "ListSTAR/XXX:ADMIN:Address Lists:") find the two or three address lists associated with your service. This should include the main address list where messages are sent, possibly a digest list, and possibly a moderator address. All services in the new templates use the same Listmaster Address, so we don't need to worry about that particular list.
  16. Duplicate each of the Old Address Lists and rename it to the name of the corresponding New Address List. Delete any New Address Lists with the same name (don't delete any you don't need to).
  17. Launch ListSTAR - No errors should appear in the log because of this process.
  18. Disable the Old Services by checking the checkmark to the left of the "Services" window.
  19. Rename the New Services to something unique and descriptive.

At this point, the New Services are active and handling mail for the new list. They have the old address lists, digest, and help file, but use the rules from the new templates. When you are confident that the new list is working properly, you can delete the Old Services which you disabled.

Support Issues

If you have any questions or problems with these templates, please contact StarNine's Technical Support department, or join the ListSTAR-Talk mailing list on the web or by sending a message to liststar-talk-request@liststar.com with the word "subscribe" in the body.