ListSTAR Downloads

The current version of ListSTAR is 2.3, released 4-Nov-2002.

Download ListSTAR/SMTP Installer (about 5.6 MB)

Download ListSTAR/POP Installer (about 4.1 MB)

Download the most current ListSTAR Manual (about 800K)

If you do not have a license for ListSTAR, you can request a demo license at the ListSTAR evaluation request page.

Release notes can be seen here.

The last release of ListSTAR that works with the old serial numbers (ones that start with L*SM or L*P3) can be found here.

The following is a list of previous versions of ListSTAR and the release date. This list allows you to find the most recent version that you can use with your current ListSTAR serial number. Your ListSTAR serial number must expire later than the release date of the version of ListSTAR you wish to use.

Release date Version
24-May-2002 ListSTAR/SMTP 2.2.4
ListSTAR/POP 2.2.4
21-Apr-2002 ListSTAR/SMTP 2.2.3
ListSTAR/POP 2.2.3
18-Apr-2002 ListSTAR/SMTP 2.2.1
ListSTAR/POP 2.2.1
16-Jul-2001 ListSTAR/SMTP 2.2.1
ListSTAR/POP 2.2.1
3-Jul-2001 ListSTAR/SMTP 2.2
ListSTAR/POP 2.2

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