ListSTAR Templates 1.2

ListSTAR now offers a powerful new way to create mailing lists, using Templates. These automatic updaters allow you to import the lists and use them without having to set all the options yourself -- just like stationary.

The ListSTAR templates have been updated for version 1.2. If you want to update an existing Mailing List, Announcement List, or other service to the 1.2 Templates, be sure to read the instructions first.

Templates Available

Installing the Templates

In order to take advantage of the templates, a number of files must be installed in your ListSTAR Server hierarchy, beyond the structure described in the manual. The installer will automatically create a new "Templates" folder, new AppleScripts for the "Scripts" folder, and new global files in the "ADMIN" folder.

Note: to take advantage of the template changes, you may want to update your existing lists.

Changes in Templates 1.2

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