What's new in ListSTAR 2.3

  1. The main folder has been renamed from ListSTAR/SMTP to ListSTAR_SMTP or ListSTAR/POP to ListSTAR_POP. In addition, the "Message Spool/SMTP" folder has been renamed to "Message Spool SMTP". These changes were done to work around a bug in the Classic Layer of MacOS X. ListSTAR now works cleanly under Classic.
  2. When you create a new service using the templates, you will now be prompted for the name of the list and the services and address lists will automatically be renamed after the template completes. No more manual renaming.
  3. The ESC key can be used as the Cancel button in most dialogs.
  4. The Closed Mailing list and the Closed Moderated Mailing list templates so that when a user switches between digest and normal mode, the switch is done correctly.
  5. When a new template is imported, ListSTAR will now ensure that the timer service gets triggered. Previously, ListSTAR would not run the timer until a rule in the timer was edited.
  6. One error dialog referred to Quarterdeck, and now refers to MCF Software.
  7. ListSTAR/POP was changed so that when a timer service sends a message, the To: field will be set to the reply-to address, if it is entered, instead of the POP3 login name and server.
  8. When a message comes in with only MIME sections, any plain-text content is saved into the message. This should fix the problem of digests that only contain "this message is mime encoded" messages and no text.
  9. The Announcement list template was fixed to use the correct regular expression in the Email Administration rule.
  10. The SMTP panel of the General Preferences dialog was fixed so that when you select a double digit number of senders and/or receivers, you actually see the number instead of "...".
  11. The Address List window was fixed so that if you attempt to edit an address list that has more than 32,000 addresses, ListSTAR no longer crashes or hangs. A side effect of this fix is that opening address lists should be a bit faster. I still recommend that you use an external editor for address lists larger than 25,000 due to speed issues. This is because ListSTAR does not actually load the address list into memory but pages it into RAM as necessary.
  12. Added an option to check and limit the size of incoming attachments. This is under the Enclosures panel of the General Preferences. You should check the Enclosures Panel of the General Preferences to ensure that the settings are what you want. Make sure that you click the OK button to dismiss the dialog to ensure that the settings get saved!
  13. Fixed a bug in the renaming of services that was preventing an audit from occurring and hence causing problems with other services that referenced the service that was renamed.

To download ListSTAR, see the download page.

What was new in ListSTAR 2.2.4

  1. Fixed a few bugs in AppleEvent handling that was causing an error -1708 when it shouldn't have. I also fixed a potential memory leak, as well as fixed one AppleEvent to return a -1708 instead of 0 when it was busy.

What was new in ListSTAR 2.2.3

  1. Fixed a bug in the Email Administration AppleScript that would cause an error condition if a subscribe command was used with a list that didn't have a digest address list associated with it.
  2. Fixed ListSTAR so that renaming or creating a new service enforces a limit of 30 characters in the service name. This works around a problem that could occur if the service name is longer than 30 characters. The issue is that since the service name is also used as a folder name, when using a long service name, the folder name is truncated. If you move the ListSTAR folder onto a different disk or machine, ListSTAR is unable to reconnect the aliases that refer to the truncated name. It is recommended that if you have any services with names longer than 30 characters that you rename them.

What was new in ListSTAR 2.2.2

  1. Fixed a bug when renaming a service that was preventing the auditing of the services to ensure that the new name replaced the old name. This was predominantly an issue in timer services where the from field for sending email would be reset to default.
  2. Fixed the Announcement template so that the secret service uses the correct regular expression for the email administration rule.
  3. Fixed the Mailing list template so that when a user changes from individual to digest or digest to individual the user is correctly removed from the original list.
  4. Fixed the email administration applescript so that it correctly removes users from the opposite list when a user is added to a list. For example, if the user is being subscribed to the digest version, the user will be removed from the individual message list, if they were subscribed to it.

What was new in ListSTAR 2.2.1

  1. POP3 users: When forwarding a message to a list, if the "Set From to" check box is set and the selection is set to either of the "Account address" options, if a return address is set in the account prefs for the service, then that address will be used instead of the POP3 login. This cleans up the issue where the POP3 login is not the same as the return address.
  2. "mailadmin" has been added as a match for a mailer daemon.

What was new in ListSTAR 2.2

  1. The ability to add a subject prefix.
  2. The ability to add a message footer.
  3. A new serial number scheme.
    With the release of version 2.2, MCF Software is introducing a new license key scheme which includes prepaid updates for one or more years. A standard key provides one year of updates, but you can buy 2, 3, or 4 year keys. Any new version of ListSTAR released during your prepaid update period will work without requiring you to obtain new keys. Any of the updates released during your prepaid update period will continue to work even after the prepaid update period has passed. Updates released after your prepaid update period expires will require a new license key. Anyone who purchased ListSTAR from MCF Software will get a new key that will be valid for one year from the original purchase date.
    The read me file included with the 2.2 download has a demo key that will work until 31-Jul-01.

What was new in ListSTAR 2.1

  1. ListSTAR/POP has been resurrected. Converting from the 1.2 version of ListSTAR/POP to 2.1 should be seamless, but you should make sure you backup your system before doing the upgrade!
  2. The POP version now generates correctly formatted message-ids for outgoing messages it creates.
  3. The stack overflow problems that existed in 2.0 have been fixed completely.
  4. The address list window is now sorted alphabetically.
  5. The check mail window will show 4 digits for the number of recipients instead of 3.
  6. The freezing of Finder while running service creation scripts has been worked around.
  7. The address list window now sorts the lists alphabetically.
  8. ListSTAR/SMTP can now be used with another SMTP server on the same machine by using either a secondary IP address or SMTP port.

To download ListSTAR, see the download page.

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